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Library General Rules:

Library Users are abide by the following library rules & regulations while using the library facilities. Any violation to these rules may incur disciplinary action.

  • Always hang your university card while using library facilities. Provide your UCP ID to library staff for inspection if they requested.
  • Don’t leave your personal belongings (bags, laptops etc.) at library reading tables. UCP Library services won’t entertain any claim for theft, lost, or damages for such personal goods.
  • Usage of cellular phones (mobiles) in the library premises is strictly prohibited.
  • To maintain a conducive environment for reading and research within library; gossiping, mobile calls, sleeping, eating, drinking, smoking, aloud chatting, or any activity causing annoyance or disturbance other library users is strictly¬†¬† prohibited.
  • Leave the library materials on tables after consulting/reading.
  • Don’t change the seating arrangement or furniture setting within Library.
  • Library membership could be suspended or canceled along with a penalty in the following cases if:
    • Any harassing or threating behavior is observed;
    • Obscene or abusive language is used;
    • Library rules or civilized norms are being breached ;
    • Loitering or sleeping in library premises;
    • Misconduct with library staff

Borrowing Rules:

  • UCP Library offers borrowing services to its users. All information material except reference books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, thesis, reports, and final year projects can be borrowed as per defined limit and time. Circulation staff is glad to help out the library users for checking-out and returning the library material. 
  • Membership card is non-transferable.
  • All enrolled students with valid UCP ID are entitled to borrow library books. Books are issued for a certain period of time
Membership Category Borrowing Privileges Duration/Period Fine per Day
Faculty(Regular) 20 Books 120 Days -
Faculty (Visiting) 10 Books 15 Days -
Staff-Admin & Lab 10Books 14 Days -
Students 3 Books 14 Days 10 rupees
  • Report a stolen or lost card immediately on library circulation desk. You are responsible for any library materials checked out on your card.
  • Reserved books can be collected within 2 days of their return date from the circulation desk.
  • Overdue fine is charged from the first overdue date/day.
  • Books lost, defaced or damaged in any way, would need to be replaced by new ones by the borrowers; otherwise, borrower shall pay three times the cost of current market price, together with 25% as administration charges. The books paid for shall be written-off from the stock register. The price of rare book(s) shall be decided by the Director Libraries after getting the approval of the Pro Rector.
  • Library material borrowed by any member is subject to be recalled any time, if needed by the library.
  • The Director Libraries is authorized to withdraw library privileges from any member found misusing the library material or facilities.
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